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Cube World (Alpha) Mac OSX Crack/Serial Number/Keygen/Patch

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Cube World Crack / Keygen / Serial Number (Mac OSX)
Dice Entire world : A Voxel-Based mostly Exploration RPG

Infinite Worlds

A primary characteristic of Cube Globe is the random world generation. In distinction to a lot of video games, worlds are not made by a amount designer, but created procedurally by the game utilizing math and random quantities. The result is an countless globe (virtually endless, i.e. gamers cannot reach the borders), so gamers can investigate new landscapes all the time.
Gamers can create their personal worlds by specifiying a single one amount, the seed. The very same seeds result in just the exact same planet, so gamers can share their worlds with buddies by telling them their seeds.
Worlds are produced on-the-fly although actively playing, so there are neither lengthy precomputations nor large save documents at the commencing.

No borders

There are no artificial borders. You can virtually achieve every single dice the world is made of. If you see a mountain on the horizon, you can climb that mountain. If you see a tree, you can climb on prime of the tree. At the very least if your climbing talent is great enough. 


Cube World consists of various lands with varying climates and themes. There are grasslands, snowy landscapes, extensive oceans, dangerous lava lands, jungles, and deserts. Landscapes are full of mountains, caves, rivers, lakes, forests, rocks, dungeons, castles, ruins, catacombs, temples, villages, and a lot more.

Planet Features

  • World Map
  • Landscape : Greenland
  • Lanscape : Snowlands
  • Landscape : Deserts
  • Landscape : Jungles
  • Landscape : Lava Lands
  • Landscape : Oceans


Cube World : Classes

There are at the moment 4 playable classes in Dice Planet: Warriors, Rangers, Mages, and Rogues.
We wanted to give every course a distinct gameplay and truly feel.
  • The important characteristic of warrior gameplay is billed assaults: they can create up MP with regular assaults and charge up effective particular assaults.
  • Rangers use ranged billed assaults, which work comparable like warrior attacks, but using ranged weapons.
  • Mages cast spells with various forged instances. Typical assaults are usually more rapidly, while specific attacks have for a longer time solid moments and consume MP.
  • Rogue gameplay is quickly-paced and particular attacks are instant. That way they can concentrate on evasion and shift freely throughout combat.


In buy to allow for much more diversified gameplay, we extra course specializations. Every course can choose one particular out of two specializations, which alterations playstyle and skills of that course.
Warrior specializations:
  • Berserker: Attack velocity is enhanced with every single strike. Can demand attacks a lot more speedily.
  • Guardian: Can block attacks with all weapons and has improved health. Can grow to be immune towards stun assaults.
Ranger specializations:
  • Sniper: Has camouflage and aim skills. Assault speed is enhanced with each strike.
  • Scout: Specific assaults have a opportunity to become immediately chargeable. Can dash.
Mage specializations:
  • Fire: Specific attacks have a possibility to turn out to be immediately chargeable. Can cast fireplace explosions.
  • H2o: Attack velocity is elevated with every strike. Has healing spells.
Rogue specializations:
  • Assassin: Unique assaults boost stealth. Has enhanced stealth talents.
  • Ninja: Dodges for the duration of special assaults. Can throw shurikens.

Skill trees

With every single acquired degree, players can assign talent points to a talent tree. There are course particular expertise like assaults or spells, and typical expertise like climbing, cling gliding, or pet driving.


Dungeons are harmful places full of exceptional loot and are integrated seemlessly into the world. Dungeon enemies are usually much better than normal enemies and there are dungeon bosses. Dungeons arise in various forms, this sort of as castles, ruins, temples, pyramids, and catacombs. Aside from that, there are overworld dungeons, which are significantly less structured and consist of disconnected properties.

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